Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Outsourcing and Captive Operations

Captive Operations

In today’s competitive market, unless you have a global presence you cannot sustain in competition and may not be able to full fill the clients need located across the globe. You have to show your presence across the globe to attract your potential customer and satisfy the existing business associates. Today almost 55% of software purchases are being made outside the US and UK according to Forrester Research and many of the world’s largest technology firms are seeing the majority of their revenue and profit growth come emerging markets like India and China.
However to make your business, product or the service successful in international markets your service or product has to match with the local market demand like:
· Local language and dialects
· Cultural alignment
· Regional statutory laws and regulations
It’s the need of any business to have its support centers or branches outside the home country where they can understand the demand and supply of the world.

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  1. do let me know if anyone is interested in setting up of cptive operations